The city has made positives steps toward providing temporary housing and services for people experiencing homelessness, but we must do more. That starts with addressing the root problems that lead to homelessness: high cost of housing, domestic violence, substance abuse, mental health issues, among others. This crisis is only going to be effectively addressed by meaningful public-private partnerships like expanding on the models created by effective non-profit organizations like "Solutions for Change". Investing in programs that offer comprehensive wrap around services are critical: from counseling services, medical care and mental health services, to parenting classes, employment training and workforce development. Programs like Solutions create solid foundations for struggling San Diegans.


It is becoming increasingly difficult for families and retirees to be able to afford to live in San Diego. This is caused by a variety of factors including the high price of land, high fees and taxes on construction, and often overbearing red tape that slows down desperately needed new housing stock and makes current homeowners’ dreams of expanding their home or remodeling less attainable. I support streamlining the permitting process and reviewing all fees – particularly those that will ultimately be passed onto homeowners.

As Chair of my community planning group, I’ve prioritized community-development at the beginning of projects. This enables the community to have input and provides developers with additional certainty earlier in the process – saving time and reducing costs. I also championed the San Diego Housing Commission’s (SDHC) change in policy that now gives first priority to low income families who have been or will be displaced by new development in their current apartment communities. Additionally, SDHC created a new position called the "Preservation Coordinator" to assist families that have been displaced by new development. If I'm able to accomplish this as a private citizen, imagine what I can do as your City Councilmember!

Economy / small business / Jobs

In order for San Diego to thrive as a city and to increase the supply of jobs, we need to create a more pro-business climate. I hear from fellow business owners all the time that San Diego is becoming a place where it is becoming harder and harder for small and large businesses to be successful. When I’m on the City Council, I’ll advocate for the business community at City Hall and fight against the policies that negatively affect our economy and I’ll work to create policies that promote job growth. As someone who is a partner in a local restaurant chain that employs over 100 local residents, I’ve seen first hand how well-intended rules and regulations, such as the minimum wage hike, can negatively affect employees. We need a voice on the City Council who won’t be afraid to speak out against bad policies.

I’ll also work to implement changes in the development and permitting process in order to streamline processes and create an atmosphere of efficiency. We must protect tax dollars.

Safe Neighborhoods

The key to safe neighborhoods is a strong relationship between community members and its police officers. Community policing is critical to ensure that residents feel safe and secure enough to help report crime to the police. I support an expansion of allowing officers to be more flexible in their patrols -- getting out of their vehicles and onto bikes and scooters so that they are more approachable and engaging with residents. We need to increase the staffing in our police department and put a priority on hiring officers that reflect the communities in which they serve. Our officers should have the pay and resources needed to do their jobs effectively and help keep our neighborhoods safe. We also need to increase dispatching staff further. While 911 response times have dramatically improved, we still have long waits for non-emergency calls – this is something I’ll address as your councilmember.

As a Board Member on both the City of San Diego Parks and Recreation Board and the Mission Valley YMCA, I've worked to maintain, expand, and renovate existing recreation facilities and programs to keep at risk children off the streets and involved in programs that will benefit both our communities and the kids' overall well being.

Fixing Streets, Traffic, & Infrastructure

Our city street paving has improved in recent years but we still have a long ways to go. As your councilmember, you can count on me to support increased funding for street repair and reconstruction – it’s a fundamental function of city government and we must do more. As a future Board Member of the City of San Diego's Mobility Board, it will be my job is to come up with transportation plans for the City of San Diego. There has to be a balanced approach of investing in transit and transportation of the future and improving the infrastructure of our existing streets and highways of today. This includes planning around the future of transportation, which includes self driving electric and hydrogen vehicles. 

Technology can help to greatly reduce traffic. This includes investing in and upgrading more of our street lights to utilize smart adaptive traffic signal optimization technology. Nothing is more frustrating than sitting and wasting time at traffic lights that do not accurately detect the amount of cars going through intersections.