Homosexuality: An evil or a liberation?

The world in which we live is in constant evolution. This evolution also brings new trends, new cultures and new principles. Among these, the freedom of expression is the one that the world has welcomed the most. For a long time private, its return has allowed to untie some tongues and to enter a new era.


If in the past many subjects were taboo, today with the freedom of expression, we have acquired the right to say everything. Well, almost. You surely know that the freedom of some stops where that of others begins... Everything is a question of morality and common sense. Let's go back to the subject. The word today is so loose that the most taboo subject in the past is easily evoked today: Sex

This freedom of expression has allowed many people to come out of the shadows and reveal certain truths about themselves such as their sexual orientation. Thus, for several years, several personalities have sounded the death knell of silence by announcing and assuming their homosexuality. We remember the American host Ellen Degeneres who was one of the first women to come out and reveal her homosexuality. Since then, many other stars and individuals have followed her lead.

The birth of a new community

As well as a new community was born. First the LGBT which finally grew and became the LGBTQIAP+. Acronym for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, Asexual and Pansexual. The "+" at the end refers to other variations of gender identity, sexual characteristics, or sexual orientation. Although still somewhat controversial, this outing has allowed many people to finally feel like they belong and feel less alone. It has helped many people on the verge of suicide because of their difference. The way people look at this new identity is relative since in some countries it is not allowed while in others, marriages between individuals of the same sex have already seen the light