Drug Abuse in the United States

One would think that the only fight in the United States right now is the fight against covid. But let's face it, the old demons have resurfaced and they will have to be fought as well as the new ones. Indeed, the United States is among the countries with high drug consumption. In 2019, a study revealed that drugs are responsible for the death of one person every seven minutes.

A record of deaths reached in 2019

In 2019, while the coronavirus pandemic was in full swing, the country still recorded more than 137,000 deaths from drug use. In 2018, it was more than 71,000 people who had died due to overconsumption of these illicit substances. A considerable increase in 2019. And yet, during his campaign in 2016, Donald Trump had promised to lead a fierce fight against this crisis born of the overprescription of powerful painkillers among others.

If he has not succeeded in eradicating the problem, he has tried to do something about it. Among other things, he has declared a national public health emergency to address the opioid crisis. The action expands access to telemedicine services including remote prescription services. In March 2017, he created the President's Commission on Combating Drug Abuse and the Opioid Crisis. There is also over $1 billion spent to address the crisis. While all of these efforts seem to have borne some fruit, it is clear that in the midst of the Covid 19 pandemic health crisis, the United States has relapsed.

Under the effect of the quarantine...

According to an internal analysis of the White House, the number of deaths by overdose has increased by 11.4% during the first four months of the year 2020. An analysis corroborated later by the statistics. Thus, drug-related deaths jumped by 17% in New Jersey and 30% in Colorado.  Experts fear that with the coronavirus epidemic and its socio-economic consequences such as unemployment, quarantine, etc., an increase in drug use and therefore overdose will occur.