America, less safe for Black Americans?

In the last few months, we have witnessed numerous police abuses against Black Americans. This puts a question mark on the relationship that Black Americans have with what should be one of their dream destinations.

It has almost become a habit. Police blunders are multiplying in the United States to the great displeasure of Black residents. One has the impression that Black Americans are being taken advantage of by those who should be the guarantors of peace and serenity and who should ensure the protection of citizens regardless of their social affiliation, their religion or their skin color. In short, without any discrimination. Obviously, these notions so dear to the national police and so hard acquired during their training seem to be quickly forgotten when it comes to intervening on Black Americans.

In 2019 alone, 1,000 people were killed by American police, 23% of them African Americans. This statistic takes on a life of its own when you consider that they represent 12% of the total population.

George Floyd

On May 25, 2020, Black American George Floyd lost his life during what was supposed to be a police stop. According to the facts, the victim was pulled over while parked in his car after being accused by a grocery store manager of using a counterfeit bill without any intention of retrieving it. After fighting with the police officers, the 46 years old man tried in vain to explain to them that he had difficulty breathing following a tackle made by one of the white police officers with his knee that he pressed strongly on the neck of the victim. This virulent plating would have precipitated the death of the young man who was suffering from a cardiovascular disease. A homicide thus, which unfortunately was not the last one.

The American police racist?

Following the numerous other blunders always against black Americans, one wonders if the American police is not simply racist. It is difficult to find elements of defense for them, as the facts speak against them. One remembers this implausible sentence of an American policeman in 2017 who said "we only kill blacks...". This is what we can see in the unbearable images that appear almost daily and lead us to believe that today, the United States seems less safe for Black Americans.